The will to make it


We are here to serve our

clients and be part of their

localization solution.

We understand what you

require and respect your

deadlines - always and

under all circumstances.

Brilliant actors make

it sound just perfect

Being based in Hamburg,

Germany lets us access

hundreds of professional


Original or no original

audio, we have the right

voices for you.

An unparalleled

track record

With two decades in the

industry, we have worked

on hundreds of titles for

dozens of clients.

The size of a project does

not matter - all receive the

same professional care.



& Voice Recording

State of the art


To guarantee an optimal

output, we only use the

best available technology.

Also, we gladly meet your

requirements, no matter

what component. Just let

us know your wish.

Competitive prices -

you bet!

We deliver professional

quality and outstanding

service at high efficiency

from a beautiful, central


Our clients value our high

quality at moderate cost.

On-time delivery of

your assets

In order to meet you

deadlines, we move the

Heaven and the Earth.

Lightning-fast file transfer

in protected archives gives

you 100% certainty of safe

and timely receipt.

Established 1995  -  for exactly what we have been doing since  -  19 years of experience in interactive entertainment

We care for the


All our productions are

100% powered with energy

from renewable sources.

This gives us a carbon

footprint of zero.

That much at least we owe

to our children.

Fantastic Special!

Valid until Dec. ‘14!

All new clients who start

working with us in 2014

will receive extra-special

fares right to the very end

of 2014!

Call right now and lower

your localization cost!

Studio Muehl + Innocentiastrasse 26 + D-20144 Hamburg + VAT-ID: DE 811 864 437
 Get in touch: +49 40 59 46 87 30